Parents, volunteers make the walk home safer for students

Andrea Mangan, a volunteer crossing guard, watches kids as they cross the street near Sunnyside Elementary School in Idaho Falls on Tuesday. “My son goes to Sunnyside and there have been many times where I saw people driving too fast and are busy,” said Mangan, “they need to slow down and if we’re out here bright and bold we can raise some awareness and keep our kids safe.” John Roark /

Sunnyside Area Safety Committee members are working to provide crossing guards for their children to prevent accidents before and after school.

Risch, Crapo take aim at ‘fire borrowing’

In this Sept. 5 photo, the Eagle Creek wildfire burns on the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge near Cascade Locks, Ore. Wildfires have blackened more than thousands of square miles across the American West. (Genna Martin / via AP)

A bipartisan group of western Senators, including Sen. Jim Risch and Sen. Mike Crapo, have introduced an updated version of a bill meant to end the problem of “fire borrowing,” where federal land management agencies expend so much of their budgets fighting wildfires that they have little left over for their other tasks.

Top state aide accused of sexually, racially harassing employee while boss let it happen

BOISE A former Idaho State Controller’s Office employee has filed a claim alleging a supervisor who recently left two state jobs sexually and racially harassed her and discriminated against her. The head of the Controller’s Office let the harassment continue, she says. 



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