Dodgy adventures in the virtual world

A skier and his dog head up the Teton Canyon Road on Saturday east of Driggs. There was just enough snow for groomers to set tracks and smooth it out for skate skiers. In the background, Mount Owen, the Grand, Table Mountain and the Middle Teton can be seen. (Jerry Painter photo)

Last week, sweat was dripping off my face as if a tiny sprinkler was perched on my crown.

Some fun outdoor events coming to Idaho Falls

Aosta, Italy - February 28th, 1985: Three climbers and a dog on a ski slope simulate a rescue after an avalanche for a promotional photograph of tourism in the Valle d 'Aosta

Lani Landon, the force of nature behind the upcoming avalanche instructional, tells me she has gathered some awesome door prizes for Monday’s program starting at 7 p.m. at Taylorview Middle School.



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