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Dr. Shelley contributes data for balloon kyphoplasty study

David Shelley, board-certified vascular and interventional radiologist, was a participating physician in a recently published multi-center clinical study.

The “largest of its kind” study investigated the safety and quality of life improvements after a minimally invasive procedure called balloon kyphoplasty. The procedure is used to treat painful vertebral compression fractures, a Bingham Memorial Hospital news release said.

Shelley is “a national leading authority in the treatment of vertebral compression fractures,” the release said. He was the principal investigator for the study at Bingham Memorial, where patients were enrolled in the 12-month study. He was a “significant contributor of data for the study,” which was published in the Congress of Neurological Surgeons 2018, the release said.

“When the vertebral body in the spine collapses, this is called a vertebral compression fracture. This can cause significant pain which can greatly diminish a patient’s daily quality of life, and result in social withdrawal and lack of mobility in addition to long-term medical complications like kyphosis — a hunchback or forward rounding of the back.” the release said. “Balloon kyphoplasty restores the vertebral body’s height back to normal, stabilizing the vertebral body so that it doesn’t collapse back down after the procedure, which relieves a person’s back pain, and, if present, kyphosis.”

The study included 350 Medicare-eligible patients who underwent balloon kyphoplasty due to painful acute or subacute vertebral compression fractures associated with osteoporosis or cancer, the release said.

“The results of the study indicated that balloon kyphoplasty significantly decreased back pain and disability, improved mobility and self-care abilities, and greatly improved their quality of life. In addition, narcotic medication usage was reduced as were days of bed rest and limited activity,” the release said.

Food Producers of Idaho announce Ag All-Star legislators

The Food Producers of Idaho named 76 legislators as Ag All-Stars based on their voting records on selected pieces of legislation in the 2018 legislative session.

The Food Producers of Idaho, which represents 45 different agricultural commodity and farm organizations in Idaho, annually recognizes legislators for their voting record on issues supported or opposed by the organization, a Food Producers news release said.

The Ag All-Star awards have been presented for the last 17 legislative sessions.

The following legislators were recognized as 2018 Food Producers of Idaho Ag All-Stars:

SENATORS — Blackfoot, Steven Bair; Idaho Falls, Dean Mortimer; Rexburg, Brent Hill; Terreton, Jeff Siddoway.

REPRESENTATIVES — Bone, Thomas Loertscher; Blackfoot, Neil Anderson; Idaho Falls, Barbara Ehardt, Wendy Horman, Jeff Thompson, Bryan Zollinger; Pingree, Julie VanOrden; Rexburg, Ronald Nate, Dell Raybould; St. Anthony, Karey Hanks; Stanley, Dorothy Moon; Terreton, Van Burtenshaw.