Richard Drewes

Richard Herman Drewes, born in Idaho Falls, Idaho on April 18, 1928, passed in peace during his 90th year on May 6, 2018 in Sacramento, California.

During his exciting life he married, Zina Belnap Drewes. Together they both worked, started a family, and built a two-story house with a basement on West 20th Street Idaho Falls, Idaho. When they first started the house they lived in what was called “a basement house”.

Richard embarked upon a variety of interesting occupations, first at Boozer’s Gas and Supply, Old Faithful Beverage Company, then Idaho Falls Hydroelectric Power Plant in downtown Idaho Falls. He heard of an exciting opportunity at the Federal Bureau of Reclamation Hydroelectric power plant in Palisades, Idaho. He decided that opportunity was meant for him and accepted the job. This decision lead to a unique opening in California.

Richard jumped at the exciting thought of moving the family to California. This bold move opened opportunities for him, including the means to send his five children to college. After arriving in California, Richard accepted a position with the New California Aqueduct project to provide water to Southern California. Being an ambitious employee he worked his way up to become the Chief Power and Water Dispatcher for the State of California.

Any chance he could, Richard would travel with his family, exploring new places, camping, picnicking and meeting wonderful new people. He enjoyed many water activities such as swimming, boating, and water skiing. He wouldstand on the shore of Palisades Lake with his skis on, signal the boat to take off which would then pull him into the water. He would ski around awhile then give the signal that he wanted to return to the shore. The boat would make a quick turn causing an arch in the skier’s path. He would come around, let go of the rope, and glide gracefully back onto the shore never getting wet. It was quite a sight! Once he retired he enjoyed traveling in his motorhome. Richard expanded his traveling to include all of the United States, parts of Mexico, and Canada.

Richard was proceeded in death by his caring parents Herman Henry Drewes and Frances Patience Nunn Drewes Miller; his step-father Albert Alfred Miller; his older brother Martin Drewes; his warm caring sisters Edna Johnson, Hazel Johnson, Lenis Sincel; and his first son Herman Brent Drewes.

As a wonderful husband and father he is survived by Zina Belnap Drewes and their loving children; Pam Rader, Paula Mazon, Blaine Drewes, Bruce Drewes, Nancy Olivas, as well as their enjoyable grand and great- grandchildren.

Loved ones are invited to a short grave site service held at Rose Hill Cemetery on July 16, 2018 at 10 a.m. followed by a celebration of life Bar-B-Que at Gem Lake Park at 12 p.m.. In lieu of flowers memorial tributes may be made to Alzheimers Research at or Alzheimers 2290 North First Street Suite 101 San Jose, California. 95131

Please RSVP for Gem Park to Bruce Drewes at (208) 867-5405.