Wyoming surveyor dies at 107

Lloyd Baker, then 101, talks about his life as a surveyor during a 2013 interview at his office in Etna, Wyo. Baker, who died Monday at age 107, worked nearly until the day of his death. Post Register file

Wyoming surveyor Lloyd Baker, a fixture at singles dances in Idaho Falls, died Monday at age 107. He was, according to some sources, the oldest man in the Cowboy State.

Baker worked nearly until the day of his death, according to Elcie Baker Walker, Baker’s 88-year-old sister. He did not stick to the office, doing field surveying work instead while an assistant managed the clerical work.

“He was always a worker,” she said.

Asked if she ever discussed the possibility of retirement with her older brother, Walker replied: “I wouldn’t have dared.”

Baker’s long life took him many places. He spent many years in California, Walker said. He taught for a time in Boise.

Baker was a noted presence at Mormon adult dances for singles for decades, telling a Post Register reporter in 2013 that his goal was to dance with as many “pretty ladies” as he could.

“He danced with all the women,” Walker said.

Baker attributed his long life to his unusual diet — eating large amounts of butter and salt, avoiding homogenized milk, bleached flour and white sugar. He also said in 2013 that exercise was as likely to kill you as help you, and that hospitals were to be avoided because they were places people went to die.

Walker pointed out that the Baker family is generally long-lived. Many of her brothers, uncles and other relatives lived into their 90s, though none as long as Baker.

“I guess we’re supposed to be oldies,” she said.