Hospital launches ‘My EIRMC Baby’ website

Expecting mothers can now access Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center’s new My EIRMC Baby website.

The website provides birth plans, educational content, childbirth playlists, trimester checklists and more. The goal of the website is to supply good content that is helpful to expecting mothers, EIRMC spokeswoman Jessica Clements said.

The website has been in the works for several months, and has been live for about a month, Clements said.

“We know that modern moms today are hungry for information and they are doing a lot of their own research prior to visiting with a physician or another health care provider,” Clements said. “We wanted to provide moms with good information, good content that is helpful to them.”

The website is a one-stop-shop for mothers to go to get their questions answered, it has old, new and reimagined content that is all geared toward pregnancy and child care.

One of the new features is the childbirth playlist. Mothers can take a quiz to find out which playlist is best for them to listen to while laboring and giving birth, or they can bring their own playlist, Clements said.

EIRMC has a Spotify account that mothers can use in delivery, so even if the mother doesn’t subscribe to the service herself, she can still access the playlist. There are even Bluetooth speakers in the operating room, so if the mother has to have a cesarean section, she can still listen to the music she picked out, Clements said.

Another new feature is the birth plan. It’s a way to help mother’s customize their birth experience and make sure their experience is as close to what they want as possible, Clements said.

”This website is another tool to help us understand and deliver a birth experience that matches what they were hoping for,” Clements said.

She said EIRMC wants women to know that it supports women’s plans and choices surround birth, and the website is another way to do so.

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