Post Register to debut new look online, in print


We’ve got some exciting changes coming to the Post Register this week — a fresh look, a refocused and open website and new elements on our Commentary pages — and we are eager for you to see, and tell us what you think, about the results of our hard work.

Tuesday morning when you pick up your copy of the Post Register, you will notice a fresh new design focused on making the paper easier to read. Several months ago, we began the arduous task of installing a new system to manage our content for both print and the web. With these system changes, we jumped at the opportunity to freshen up our design and the structure of the paper. Starting this week, most days you will find editorial content broken into two sections making it easier to share at the breakfast table.

Even more dramatic changes are coming to our website and you will find a completely redesigned starting mid-day Tuesday. The new website is focused on amping up the amount of news about your local community as well as impactful stories from the region and state. We also are going to give online commenting a try again. We are hopeful this will facilitate a lively dialogue between readers that will remain civil and on topic.

We’ve also changed your access to the website. Before, only paid subscribers could access the content online. Now everyone will have basic access to our news stories. Heavy users of the site and specialty content may require a subscription down the road. For now, we hope you will visit the new site and enjoy the high-quality journalism you will find.

We also are shaking things up on our Commentary page. We are working to add a variety of local columnists writing about local issues as well as national syndicated columnists. We have been running sample columns the past couple of weeks and soliciting your feedback to improve the page.

We will begin carrying Neal Larson, the local conservative talk show host, each Tuesday. We also will run weekly columns from the Bonneville County Republicans and Democrats on Wednesdays and Thursdays respectively. Jim Jones, the retired Idaho Supreme Court Justice, local columnist David Adler and statewide columnists Randy Stapilus, Chuck Malloy and others will still be in the mix. You’ll also see editorial cartoons return to our paper.

An addition to Sunday papers is a new feature — a Question of the Week — to get readers involved and communicating what they think about issues. We will share the results with you each week. Letters to the Editor will remain an important part of our page. On Saturdays, we have added space for Letters of Thanks from readers to help recognize the people and groups in our communities that do good. If you have a letter to the editor or a letter of thanks you want published, you can email it to us at

Many will ask why we are changing our Commentary page. We’ve made a slight shift in our approach to Commentary to make it more inclusive, allowing for multiple views on issues facing us locally and nationally. In an era in which civil conversations about the issues seems to be eroding, we think diversity in opinions is healthy. Often difficult and thought-provoking conversation is essential if we want to see our democracy remain intact. So, as you take time to read different columnists and viewpoints, rest assured we are not trying to tell you how to think, but encouraging you to think, to be educated and to be involved.

As you take in your new Post Register, we’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. You can email me directly at or our Editor, Monte LaOrange, at, if you’d like to drop us a note, or comment online about the changes.