Investor William Maeck reflects on his philanthropy

William sits for a photo Thursday with a portrait of his wife, Shirley. Maeck has donated millions to a wide range of organizations focused on education and the arts, among other things. “I want to broaden the views of kids,” Maeck said. John Roark /

While other workers on the bus to the National Reactor Testing Station slept or played bridge during the 1960s, chemist William Maeck studied the Standard and Poor’s stock guide.

Fish and Game looks toward 2018

The Henry’s Creek fire in 2016 scorched about 22,000 acres of prime winter range in the Tex Creek Wildlife Management Area. Due to the loss of food source and heavy snowpack, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game conducted an unprecedented feeding for the 4,000 elk that spend winter in the area. The feeding was done to keep the elk from eating area farmers’ hay and winter wheat. An estimated 6,500 animals spend winter in the Tex Creek Wildlife Management Area. Feeding was done to prevent depredation on agricultural areas by elk. Fish and Game officials don’t expect additional feeding will be necessary this winter as grasses grew back in abundance. Idaho Department of Fish and Game

Local Idaho Department of Fish and Game officials have their eyes on a few wildlife management projects during 2018.



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