Letter to the editor: Both parties too politicized

Both parties too politicized

Received Jan. 9

As I have surveyed our crazy political landscape these past years, I have to ask: What has happened to the Democratic Party? My grandparents and parents were loyal Democrats — they wouldn’t recognize their party today. With the help and support of a biased media and an entrenched establishment, the Democratic Party has become a party of resist, criticize, attack and obstruct.

A more recent example is the passing of the Republican tax cut bill which will benefit 80 percent of all Americans, especially the middle-class. Not one Democrat voted for it.

Also, over the years the Democratic Party has been involved in numerous scandals, the latest, the pending Trump dossier. Under the past and present leadership of the Democratic Party it has become more leftist and liberal with an increasingly dependence upon government.

The Republican Party also has blame. Almost everything in both parties is politicized. There is an urgent need for both the Democrat and Republican parties to get back to the basic American principles and values of hard work, justice, morality, honesty, integrity, compromise, and bi-partisan effort. Unless significant changes in the political climate can be changed, I wonder if our present two-party system of government will survive.

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