Letter to the editor: Treat dogs humanely in winter

Treat dogs humanely in winter

Received Jan. 12

A casual drive through our area will reveal many dogs living out their lives on chains. Sad. Personally I don’t know how one can sleep knowing their dog lives its life on a chain exposed to the elements and often without adequate shelter, water and proper food. It’s inhumane. But let me offer a few suggestions to those who may be “trainable.”

First of all, adequate shelter. No way plastic doghouses provide appropriate shelter. It gets cold here and a doghouse with a big open doorway provides nothing but exposure to cold/rain/show. The doghouse should be a well-built insulated rectangular box, with a small opening at the end of one of the long sides facing east. Pack it with straw (not blankets/rugs that freeze). Add straw regularly. In summer, the dog needs access to shade as the doghouse becomes an “oven” in the sun.

Secondly, water. Dogs needs fresh water. “Eating” snow lowers their body temperature and makes it just that much harder for them to survive. Even heated water bowls will freeze up.

And the food. It drives me crazy when I see people feeding the cheapest crap they can buy. Don’t buy “colored” food with corn/wheat. If you can’t afford a quality food then you can’t afford a pet. Read what is on the bag other than the cheap price.

Meanwhile, I would be totally embarrassed for anyone to see Ol’ Roy or Pedigree in my shopping cart. But that’s just me.

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