Letter to the editor: Educating all students

Educating all students

Received Feb. 9

We have crucial legislation that is being decided in Idaho Congress and lest our civil servants allow “trends” to dictate education, I would like to be a voice for public schools.

As a mother and an educator, I wanted to ensure my children receive a high quality education. In following recent trends, I researched public schools, charter and private schools. After doing my homework of reading reviews and visiting several different campuses, I knew my children would gain the best education in our neighborhood public school.

Johann Neem states, “We recognize the benefits of education are shared by society, not just the individual who receives that education, and we are all stakeholders in these institutions. Vouchers would fragment the notion that education is a public good, and have us thinking about education as it benefits our own families only.”

As policy is made in this legislative session, keep in mind if vouchers are offered for charter schools, those schools need to be held to the same standards as public school. When a charter school fails to make charter requirements, public schools are left to pick up those students. Charter schools must have some way to be responsive to the needs of the communities they serve and accountable for their educational policies.

If funding is taken from public schools and offered to charter schools we risk educating the many to educate the few.

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Idaho Falls