Letter to the editor: U.S. peaceful until ready to defend

U.S. peaceful until ready to defend

Received Feb. 9

The U.S. has had a marvelous history of showing strength to the world in an amazingly unique way.

Take a one dollar bill out of your pocket or purse. Look at the back and focus on the eagle. Notice the eagle’s right and left talons. What do you see? In the right talon (hand), the eagle is holding an olive branch. The olive branch classically represents a symbol of peace. In the western world we traditionally extend the right hand first as a gesture of peace and welcome. The U.S., by design, extends the olive branch first.

Now look at the left talon (hand). The left talon is holding tightly to several arrows. This is our symbol of strength. The right hand always comes first, but if you refuse or fight back, we have arrows in the left hand representing our military - always in a state of readiness. This is who we are. A nation of peace, yet ready to defend. No other symbol of strength is needed.

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Idaho Falls