Letter to the editor: Trump may soon have to go it alone

Trump may soon have to go it alone

Received March 6

We don’t have to worry about the emperor having clothes. He has plenty, many imported from China.

What might concern you is an unprecedented number of White House staff that have been fired or resigned. The number was 34 percent, but is growing. Cohn recently announced his departure. The reason, according to news reports, is Trump’s proposal to add tariffs of 25 percent on steel and 10 percent on aluminum. Funds allotted to State Department to use on cyber security against Russia is sitting in the coffer. Why? Where are checks and balances? Congress has turned to jello.

Remember when he was campaigning, he said he didn’t need a VP, he could do it alone. At this rate the emperor may soon be alone. Concerned or in denial?

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Idaho Falls