Letter to the editor: State’s political climate

State’s political climate

Received May 12

I rise not to speak for one candidate or another, but rather to share an observation about today’s political climate in the state.

Saturday’s May 12 edition of the Post Register reports a “two-sided, full color mailing sent out by a PAC called Idahoans Fighting Corruption” funded by local GOPers.

The mailer is partially based on an e-mail from Diana Yates to Sheila Olsen gives the incorrect impression that Yates’ business failed, because Yates, while working as an un-paid state GOP chairman, his consulting business lost a client. The mailer also gives the impression that Yates may be a secret agent for a foreign country due to Asian donors to his campaign.

Lest I ramble on, please read the front page story in the Post Register with the headline “Smear flyer targets lieutenant governor hopeful Yates.”

The Post Register reported Nathan Olsen, son of Sheila Olsen and brother of Maria Nate is quoted “My sister Maria forwarded it. … I can confirm that she’s the origination of this…The main thing I want to make clear is…she (Sheila) would be mortified this happened. She had the utmost respect for Steve and Diana.”

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