Letter to the editor: Fought to protect country from bigotry

Fought to protect country from bigotry

Received May 25

Buenos Dias, Dan Berens.

Reviewing your letter, published May 23, I realized that you don’t know or are just ignorant that one in five United States citizens speak a language other than English at home. In fact, most countries encourage children to be multi-lingual and consider the same to be an asset in our multi-cultural world.

Americans, except for bigoted extremists, should and mostly do, adapt to linguistic diversity within their borders. Democracy recognizes the participation of all citizens, including those belonging to linguistic minorities. Democracy also requires that all linguistic groups share a sense of community.

Regarding your observation that we, who might be bi-lingual and choose to express our intelligence of language in America, lack “respect” for our country, perhaps you should apologize and show your respect for others, like me.

I am a Vietnam Marine Veteran (“Semper Fi” - that is Latin, by the way), who was awarded a Purple Heart for my “respect” for our country in the middle of the Tet offensive. I was in that battle in the hope that one day letters like yours would be considered un-American. You should have been there. A lot of my brothers in arms spoke more than just English.

In June, I am attending the Fox Company, 2nd Battalion, 9th Marines, 3rd Marine Division reunion, in Las Vegas. Please come to observe but be prepared to be “offended” again when some of my “brothers” speak Spanish.

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Idaho Falls