Letter to the editor: Trump vs. democracy

Trump vs. democracy

Received May 23

I read with interest the recent letter by Bob Ziel (May 22) in which he was responding to another letter writer who was complaining about FoxNews shown in waiting rooms. Like Ziel, I watch all three cable news channels. I simply apply my own mental filters when listening to the commentary from these channels.

But there is more to the political division in our country than traditional left vs. right wing viewpoints. An issue that hangs over all the current political discussions and is far more important than a simple left/right conflict is the issue of Donald Trump vs. democracy. Donald Trump rose to power by eliminating his opponents one by one with lies, insults and demagoguery. He has consistently and relentlessly attacked the pillars of our democracy, including the TV news channels, newspapers, the other branches of government and his own branch’s justice department.

Certainly, FoxNews is right wing and MSNBC is left wing. Ziel lumps CNN and MSNBC together as left wing, but I submit this is an illusion. CNN is normally a relatively moderate and relatively unbiased news outlet. If CNN seems left wing today, it is because it has recognized Trump for the person he is and has decided to stand with democracy and against an autocrat. CNN should be commended for continuing to resist the dangers presented by Donald Trump. As we move forward through the Trump era, we should all hope CNN and others continue their resolve to uphold democracy.

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Idaho Falls