Letter to the editor: Common sense on borders

Common sense on borders

Received July 4

I love my country, like most Americans. Recent letters to the editor tilt left. Here are some counterpoints for consideration:

We must secure our borders. Open borders are dangerous.

Traditional laws separate children from incarcerated parents.

AWOL Democrats won’t help legislate a fix.

Our president is succeeding where past administrations have failed on many fronts. America needs results. Millions of illegals have come into our country over the last decade. Delaying the fix is unwise. I’ve seen what loose borders have done in other countries.

Meanwhile, ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) officials are being villanized by the left. Radicals have made lists of ICE workers to target. This makes me angry. Remember how the left treated soldiers returning from Vietnam? ICE is 50 percent Hispanic; some served in the last administration. They say we’re doing better now.

Fair-minded Americans still respect common sense and decency. Our nation has historically been a nation of immigrants. We still need and embrace good families from other countries who legally join us.

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Idaho Falls