Letter to the editor: Not just an excuse

Not just an excuse

Received July 5

R. Grant Hunter, you have it backwards. People don’t look for excuses to hate Trump. Who needs an excuse when his actions and words justify it?

Your words imply that, having no reason to oppose the president, people are latching on to any excuse to justify their political stand against him. You are not using the sense you were born with. Have you ever tried to motivate even a few dozen people to drop their plans for the weekend and march for a cause? Adding a little oomph to political discussions won’t do it. When you see “tens of thousands marching nationwide against the zero-tolerance policy”, common sense should tell you they are there because they believe what they say, they believe.

Ask yourself what it is about the way Trump used ICE to implement his “zero-tolerance” policy that has outraged tens of thousands of Americans. If their outrage against ripping crying children from their parents and losing them, uncounted and unrecorded, is not a pretense, shouldn’t you consider your own willingness to accept it?

David Koelsch says that “in certain Muslim countries, the governments exist in disarray, and they have no reliable process for vetting emigrants.” No government, including the U.S., vets immigrants. They just issue passports for identification or visas for travel. Many emigrants leave precisely because their governments are in “disarray.” This applies equally to Guatemala and El Salvador, non-Muslim countries. They come here fleeing brutality, famine and economic collapse. That’s no reason to refuse them entry.

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Idaho Falls