Letter to the editor: But one flag

But one flag

Received July 5

Betsy Ross sewed but one flag to represent our nation. I pledged to but one flag in school. I served but one flag while in service to our nation. I raised but one flag during that service and retired but one flag at night.

I see but one flag that covered a casket of a fallen shoulder. I have a hard time understand why a thousand placed in one area, that is there to solicit donation, is more patriotic than one flag.

I have a hard time seeing many along roads that allows our flag to touch trees, weeds, ground, fences etc. and not be retired at night.

I don’t see the gathering of our flag/s after being displayed on post throughout cities, as proper respect for what our flag and what it stands for. Is such practices justified, or are we losing the respect for our flag and what it stands for?

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