Letter to the editor: Teaching self-reliance and responsibility

Teaching self-reliance and responsibility

Received July 3

In Wayne Hoffman’s commentary on July 1, he feels people and communities would greatly benefit from less handouts and more self-help opportunities. He implies charities and religious institutions should lead the way thus relieving the tax burden of expanding medicaid.

I agree with part of his assessment, that self-help programs are beneficial for both the people who need help and the person offering help. But a self-help program for health care? To expect a LDS bishop to remove an appendix or a Catholic priest to perform a heart valve replacement is a bit much. In the meantime, Wayne, while you get those clergy trained. There are many folks, though working, who cannot afford health insurance and desparately need it.

I don’t always approve of how my taxes are spent, but oh well. Sometimes I do.

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