Letter to the editor: ID procedure for tracking immigrants

ID procedure for tracking immigrants

Received July 9

We are a republic of laws. To simply ignore any law in favor of any segment of humanity takes away the equality promised us in the federal Constitution, as legal citizens of the United States.

So, we cannot stop enforcing immigration laws, and we cannot say “come all who wish.” Treating illegal entrants humanely is what we are about. Knowing who is entering our country is paramount.

So, what is the correct process in meeting the intent of immigration law? Employ identification methods ensuring that all who cross our borders illegally are indeed who they portray.

Initial identification methods such as name, photo, fingerprints and DNA need to be used with follow-up permanent I.D.’s issued later.

After the permanent I.D. is issued, five years must pass before applying for citizenship. This will apply equality and due process for those who obey the immigration laws, like my daughter-in-law who just received her U.S. citizenship after a ten year process.

Failure to comply for the above in a timely manner (twelve months) will allow for proper, lawful deportation. This applies justice for our laws for those who choose to ignore due process.

We all use forms of I.D. to function in society. I witnessed at the Idaho Falls airport a family trying to fly to Mexico. They were denied airline tickets because none of them had a passport. Anger was evident on their faces but worry also because they had no way to return. Legally.

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