Letter to the editor: Suggested changes for PR’s Commentary page

Suggested changes for PR’s Commentary page

Received July 6

For the past few weeks, the Post Register Editorial Board has been soliciting new ideas for this newspaper’s Commentary Page.

I commend their desire seeking input from readers since this will serve to further improve and enhance PR’s editorial policies.

Here are a few suggestions:

• Use Rich Lowry’s column on a weekly basis. He’s conservative, but not too far right-wing.

• Byron York would be another good weekly commentator.

• Continue featuring political cartoons. So far they’ve been virtually all anti-Trump, but how about an occasional pro-Trump depiction? I know many members of the press dislike him intensely. Your pro-Trump readers would appreciate an occasional positive slant on the president, plus it provides editorial balance with welcomed humor.

• Local political cartoons — perhaps you could hire a talented Idaho Falls area artist. Some of our local/regional politicians, with their antics, deserve political mockery. Also, when a local public official accomplishes something decent, they deserve cartoon-style praise.

• Expand letters-to-the editor to a maximum of 300 words instead of the present 250 word limit.

For example, when I submit a LTE, I try to be as succinct as possible, but sometimes more words are necessary in order to properly express and articulate my viewpoint. Other readers face the same challenge. When a person submits a piece that unnecessarily rambles on and on, then it’s your prerogative to tighten it up. These are just a few suggestions; other readers and I thank you for your consideration.

(Word count: 241)