Letter to the editor: Do miracles still happen?

Do miracles still happen?

Received July 27

On July 23rd I had a dental emergency. I did not, however, have dental insurance. I told the dentist I have an insurance company in mind, so he postponed the work while I purchased a policy.

I called an insurance company. The man who took my call asked if the coverage would be for me, my wife and my children. I told him that it would be just for me as my wife died last August. I told him that my children are on their own. I also told him that my 49-year-old son died of cancer last March. At this point, he paused and asked if he could say something.

He immediately offered a beautiful prayer that lasted several minutes. Wow, this has never happened to me before and it was so moving.

The next item on my agenda that day was to go to my daughters-in-law’s home and remove tree branches, etc. Before long, her entire front lawn was covered with leaves, branches, green apples, etc. A lady walked by us to read the gas meter. An hour or so later, this same lady returned in an Intermountain Gas Company pick-up. She pulled up in front of the property and said, “I’ll take all of that away for you.” She did just that. Wow, what a special lady.

I perceive these two events as blessing from God. He prompted these people…they listened and then they rendered their services. Yes! Miracles do still happen.


Idaho Falls