Letter to the editor: Has Constitution lost respect?

Loss of respect for Constitution?

Received July 27

Has our Constitution lost some respect? Perhaps the elastic properties have run their course?

I prefer its prism-ability, splitting the powers of governing into smaller powers. The executive can do this, the Legislature that and the judicial branch here.

While slow, cumbersome, old, the Constitution does tend to control our natural tendency to exceed our bounds.

The House of Representatives seems to struggle to get the appropriations passed in a timely manner. Now the countdown to another default continues.

I would like to see the House, the only one to originate new bills, gain more control. What about this? Coupons are redeemed at retail stores. Their conditions include expiration dates, disallowing multiple offers, etc. Could not the House require similar conditions on their appropriation bills?

Yes, I am aware that the Senate may propose or concur in revenue bills, but how does that mean stacking and holding the revenue bills? Held until we are in default, until congressmen have no time to read the bills until we can add unrelated bills. Let’s have timely votes, one for the appropriation bills.