Craters designated International Dark Sky Park

The International Dark-Sky Association has named Craters of the Moon National Monument an International Dark Sky Park, according to a news release.

“The Milky Way stretching across the park’s incredibly dark night sky is a sight many visitors will never forget,” Craters of the Moon Superintendent Wade Vagias said in the release. “With this designation, the International Dark-Sky Association recognizes the importance of the natural darkness found here.”

Park staff have made efforts to ensure that park lighting is “night-sky friendly” with bulbs and fixtures that focus light downward instead of into the sky. Natural darkness is also recognized in park management documents which clearly state the value of night skies and the park’s commitment to protect them.

The Idaho Falls Astronomical Society has provided night sky viewing events (Star Parties) at Craters of the Moon for over 25 years. The group’s next Star Party is scheduled for Sept. 22-23.

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