Settling for a lesser adventure

Jerry Painter pulls a sled behind a fat bike on the Cave Falls Road on March 1. The sled was attached to the bike by ski pole strapped onto the seat post with a bungee cord. Unfortunately the trip was cut short by a (Royce Lee photo)

I was pedaling a fat bike along the Cave Falls Road east of Ashton this past Thursday when my journey came to an abrupt end after about 4 or 5 miles.

Numbers Game

Hunters took more elk and white-tailed deer in 2017 than in 2016, but mule deer harvest was down. With a much milder winter so far, Fish and Game biologists expect the drop in mule deer harvest to be short lived as herds recover from last year’s difficult winter across Central and Southern Idaho.

The mysteries of migration

Brett Bowersox of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game and University of Idaho graduate student Stacy Feeken prepare to track radio-tagged steelhead in the lower Clearwater River. Eric Barker / Lewiston Tribune

GIBBS EDDY — On a recent morning, University of Idaho graduate student Stacy Feeken and Idaho Fish and Game biologist Brett Bowersox launched a drift boat, equipped with a large antenna, into the lower Clearwater River.

Snow geese make annual return to eastern Idaho

A snow goose blizzard at Market Lake Wildlife Management Area. Snow geese only visit east Idaho for a short time each year and the show starts soon. Be sure not to miss it.

Sunday’s snowstorm was a reminder that winter has not given up the fight. We are expecting another blizzard, one that actually heralds the arrival of spring. This blizzard is coming from the south on 100,000 wings.

Wonder what creates our weather? Look toward the sun

The sun not only supplies the light and warmth we need to survive on this planet, but it is also the engine that creates our weather. Terry Thomas /

I am studying to get a remote pilot certification to allow me to commercially fly my drone. The subjects have been similar to what an aircraft pilot needs to know including loading (things like G-forces) and aircraft performance, understanding aeronautical charts and communications.



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