It’s baby season in the wild

This is the baby season, a time when wildlife numbers reach their peak for the year. Terry Thomas /

As soon as the snow retreats, the woods, the marshes and the sagebrush habitats begin to stretch and yawn, working muscles dormant over a long winter. It doesn’t take long for the collective metabolism to begin to burn like a forest fire as the season of warmth and plenty is brief and the race is on to create the next generation.

Common nighthawk have some not-so-common traits

A common nighthawk rests on a tree branch at Camas National Wildlife Refuge. Terry Thomas /

A half-dozen birds swooped across the sky on long pointed wings several weeks ago at Camas National Wildlife Refuge. They were moving so fast in an erratic bounding flight that it was hard to track them with binoculars, but when we could “lock on” a white wing patch was easy to see toward the tip.

Rockin’ and rollin’ on new climbing routes

Karly LaOrange approaches the top of the first pitch of a rock climbing route at the Mortal Earth area of The Fins. The limestone formations are at the southern end of the Lost River Range west of Howe. Although it doesn't look like it, Karly is about 40 feet off the ground. (Jerry Painter photo)

I looked at the wall and chose a route named “Light My Fire.” Then I climbed a route named “Maybe I’m Amazed,” followed by “Born to be Wild.” All these rock climbing routes proved to be fun and worthy.



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