Looking back

100 years ago

A party of Idaho Falls people left this week in 1918 for the west coast of Panama. It included Mr. and Mrs. William Luxton, Bert Senter, James Buck, Jack Edwards and Con Groat. They were to join a party from Salt Lake City, and proceed to New Orleans, where ship would be taken, the Idaho Register reported. “A number of those in the party have invested in a sugar company which has been organized there and which has purchased large tracts of land,” the story said. “Mr. and Mrs. Luxton’s son, Lee, has been there for some months.”

75 years ago

Except for a special one-inch runway covering, work was reported to be mostly complete on improvements to the Idaho Falls Airport, Mayor Ed Fanning announced this week in 1943. Fanning, for whom the airfield was later named, said one runway was complete while on the other the fine grading was 95 percent done. Negotiations were under way to continue improvements to the facility, with a resumption of operations eventually expected, Fanning said. The number of workers at the airport had dropped to around five.

50 years ago

The total cost of the new Skyline High School, on track to be open for the 1968-69 school year, was projected at $3,316,937, Idaho Falls School District 91 Superintendent Jay W. Casper reported this week in 1968. Funds insight included $2.375 million in cash on hand, acquired from the sale of bonds for the building and $75,000 in interest from the investment of building bond funds. Casper said no specifications had been drawn up and no estimates had been made on construction of outdoor athletic facilities, an irrigation system for 15 acres of lawn, fencing or black topping. The Idaho Department of Education had informed the district, however, that $10,000 was available for black topping an area to be made available for drivers education.

25 years ago

In their first public presentation in Idaho, officials from the U.S. Navy warned that 400 jobs could be at risk if they could not break an impasse with Idaho Gov. Cecil Andrus over nuclear waste operations at the Naval Reactors Facility. Speaking to Sen. Larry Craig’s INEL Citizens Advisory Committee, they said they were eager to break the impasse because the INEL’s Chemical Processing Plant was the only place in the United States where spent nuclear fuel could be stored. The state had demanded the Navy prepare an environmental impact statement on its INEL operations.

Paul Menser is the author of “Legendary Locals of Idaho Falls.”

Paul Menser is the author of “Legendary Locals of Idaho Falls.”