Ellwood guilty on eight of 12 charges

Defendant William Ellwood listens to Chief Deputy Prosecutor John Dewey during his trial Thursday morning. A jury on Saturday found Ellwood guilty of eight of the 12 charges brought against him for sex abuse of a minor. Monte LaOrange / mlaorange@postregister.com

William Joseph Ellwood, 37, was found guilty Saturday evening of eight of the 12 charges brought against him.

Easement rights with regard to deeded land

Q: My mother deeded land to my brother who lived in a mobile home on her property. She told him to figure out how much land he wanted. With the help of his brother-in-law, he drew up the deed and my mother signed it, leaving her with one acre and the house. He included the only driveway to both homes on his property, leaving my mother’s property without deeded access to a public road. We think he did this to prevent someone from eventually buying my mother’s house. My mother’s will provides that her home will go to her four children when she dies? What happens if my brother dies before my mother? My mother has lived in her home for over 41 years. Does she have easement rights anyway? Is there anything we can do?

Risch starts fact-finding on Sand Mountain status

Covering more than 150 square miles, the St. Anthony Sand Dunes are the biggest, and some say most fun, dune complex in Idaho. They are unique in another way. The dunes have been designated as the Sand Mountain Wilderness Study Area since the 1990s. Joyce Edlefsen / for the Post Register Bureau of Land Management

ASHTON Faced with ongoing concerns about the status of the Sand Mountain Wilderness Study Area, Sen. James Risch’s office kicked off a fact-finding and opinion-gathering effort at a meeting here last week. 



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