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$50 REWARD Lost Walking stic

k. Sentimental Value. (Belonged to my late wife) Handmade, crooked, weeping willow-type wood Could have left in shopping cart at Walmart in Rexburg. Call 208-359-2734

Posted: 03/15/2018


Lost German Shepard & A

ussie Mix German Shepard is black and tan, Aussie is Brown. Wearing matching floral collars with tags. Microchipped We live near the red antique barn on Hwy. 26. Both are friendly but a little skiddish. We are heart broken to have these girls go missing. Please call or text anytime with any information. Thank you 208-970-4593 208-403-1042

Posted: 03/20/2018


Lost Polaris snowmobile at s

outh side of Targhee pass. 208-558-8888

Posted: 03/23/2018

$200 REWARD f


or their safe return. My 2 babies got out of our fenced yard on 3/14/2018 and are missing. They are 2 female Doberman Pinschers, one is black and tan, the other red/brown. They do not have their collars on because I took them off to bathe them. We are worried sick and drove around half the night looking for them. IF ANYONE has seen them please let me know. They are house dogs and have never been out in the cold very long. They are very skiddish towards strangers and will likely bark at someone they don't know. This is not like them to leave and not come back, we are desperate to find them. We live east of the old Walmart building in Rexburg but if someone picked them up they could be anywhere. Please help us bring them home! I am sick with worry. Cell: 208-313-7691 Work: 208-356-7368

Posted: 03/22/2018